ERROR:Step: eBay Sync initializer: Error: Method not found

Anyone else getting this error?  Seems to be two from the looks of it, linnworks search for "eBay Sync initializer" says its Ebays problem and to try again later, but been getting it for over 3 hours now.  No mention of the second error.

Tried cancelling my eBay token and generating a new one which was done without issue but didn't solve this problem... 

error.jpg error.jpg
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Hi Deborah,

Thanks for raising this with us - based on your screenshot, am I right in saying you are receiving this error message in Linnworks Desktop currently?

If yes, a hotfix has already been released which corrects this issue. I recommend restarting your Desktop client on any affected machines, and installing the latest updates it should present you with. This will resolve the problem.

Please let me know if you encounter any further issues.

Kind regards,



Yes thats it fixed now!  Thank you.

Whenever I loaded up Linnworks that time it did indeed download a fix and my sync is completed.  Thanks for letting me know

Hi Deborah,

You're welcome, glad that helped!

Kind regards,


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