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Hi all

We have recently had to transition all our GTC (Good til Cancelled) eBay listings to the product listing system to allow us to bulk edit all the listings in one run.

We have been successful so far and our listings can now be scaled to mobile and lack the "devilish" active content eBay is bent on removing.

At the same time we decided to update our store categories to match our inventory categories as well as update the eBay category each was assigned too.

We are now trying to push this out to the listings, but so far are not having much luck.

We have updated the configurator to assign categories for both store and eBay from extended properties.

Any ideas?

Kind regards


Hello Sebastian,

I must say that changing categories on existing listings is not available trough the Revision option. In order to change the Category/Store Category - you would need to open the needed listing template and change it directly on it. You can however open multiple listing templates on one screen:

1) Either if you click on the number of templates shown on the template itself on your eBay Configurators screen -> that will open all of the templates on that configurator.

2) Select the needed stock items in your inventory -> with these items selected right click under the needed eBay channel(which holds these listings) and select "Edit Selected" option to open the templates for the selected items.

With multiple needed templates represented in one screen -> you can select them all -> then open the Category window -> make the needed changes and click Save To Multiple option to save that change for all selected templates(image attached).

img1.JPG img1.JPG
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We replied to your ticket about this issue.

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Was this ever solved?  I'm importing my BC ID from an import but linnworks is not pulling this data when I try to update my bigcommerce template from the inventory view tab,  when I go to revise attributes, it gives me the error, Object not set to an instance of an Object and does not update anything.....  I need bulk categories changed and cannot afford to re-categorize from the bigcommerce product template view manually and click update on each one, or "save to multiple" because the products all have different categories...  Please advise ASAP>

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