Date in invoice template does not show day when printed as pdf

Dear all, 

I hope you can help me with this problem.

I am new to Linnworks (using the web-based version) and just created an invoice template which is supposed to populate the date by using the following variable:


In the preview of the the invoice the date actually populates correctly in this format:

2017 May 24

But when I print the invoice as pdf the date only shows as follows on the pdf:

2017 May

Not sure what I am missing here - maybe someone can point me in the rigth direction

Thank you!


Hello Ali,

I have just checked this on our test account and it seems to be printing date correctly. 

Please try making box with [{dReceievedDate}] a little wider and try printing again, I believe that will resolve the issue.

Kind regards,


Hi Marina,

grmpf, I thought I tried that earlier...

Tried it again and now it works (I guess the box was still not big enough when I tried it the first time).

So that was actually an easy fix! :-)

Thank you for your support!


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