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Amazon Vendor Seller Central is clearly the new strategy for Amazon UK and they have had a massive drive to move sellers over to this platform. We urgently need Linnworks Integration to keep Linnworks Viable when our products move over to the Vendor Seller Central platform.

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Same issue here. Has anyone worked out an alternative yet?


The only way for now is to use advanced Excel scripts and LW scripts. You have to have same SKUs of products on Vendor account. Export POs and deducts quantities from LW via scripts (based on SKUs). Depends how complex your inventory structure is.

We have just had our Vendor Central account kicked off by Amazon and are actively selling, and found there is no dedicated Channel on Linnworks, leading to a very painful manual process  (we still haven't figured out how to get tracking numbers back up to Amazon).  So far we have:

- export Vendor Central orders from the dashboard with their Download feature

- use LW Data Import to import that CSV as Open Orders

- devise a custom Invoice template with Printing conditions Source='DATAIMPORTEXPORT' for these orders

I think we'll need to run a custom Data Export or Query to extract Processed orders' Tracking Numbers and upload them to Amazon manually via their EDI channel, but I haven't figured that out yet.

I raised a support ticket with Linnworks and they said there is no sign of much demand.  Anyone reading this who wants to use a Vendor Central account with LW, please reply here and make your voice heard, or we won't get anywhere! :)

We're actually manually uploading and updating tracking information! It would be such a help if it was integrated with LW but, seeing as though Amazon Vendor Central is invitation only, I doubt whether the demand will be high enough for it to be viable for them.

We live in hope.

Yes we need this integration now as well.

Yes, to a Vendor Central integration!



Need this

I've spent the last couple of months going through their EDI "Self Service Setup" steps, where we needed to learn about AS2 protocol, figure out what programming libraries are available, implement an endpoint on our end and complete basic messages interoperability testing.  Only then did they send their EDI Implementation Guide, where they show that Amazon will require you to implement full end to end support for about 6 to 8 message types, in a Test and Production environment, before they will let you do any EDI data exchange.

So, my hope to get a simple Orders Download working that I could automate import into Linnworks is not as simple as I had hoped.  We would need to implement Shipping Label, Truck Manifests, Order Fulfillment Lifecycle messages in Test environment before anything could reach Production.

We've decided it is not work us, as a single company, putting all that effort in to make a Frankenstein's monster workaround to get Vendor Central integration working with Linnworks.  It would be far better for Linnworks to put the effort in and make it a first class integrated piece of the Linnworks system.  Please, can we get this at least on the "Planned" status?

Having some way to integrate with Vendor Central for order download and tracking upload would be excellent.


Please add this integration as soon as possible. 

Keeping this separated these are just going to cause issues for us in the future

Please add this integration soon. Since amazon are going to close VE very soon, a lot more sellers are going to be invited to VC

It's just a headache not being able to manage inventory efficiently. 



Would be useful for us too....

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