Forced updates not working

Hi, we have three Windows 7 PCs that run Linnworks Desktop daily, one of them being a 'sync user' to run the sync every 10 minutes. We also have a spare machine that I keep up to date just in case another member of staff needs to use an account when I am away.

Last week we had patch 717 which executed fine on the sync machine and then as a 'forced update' on the other two regular machines. However, the spare machine failed on the forced update with this message after updating database schema and trying to download the patch:

'Patch Number 717. Error: Error Downloading Patch File 717 . The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.'

I tried various things like turn off firewall, make sure internet up and running etc to the point where I couldn't find anything obvious so decided to download and reinstall. It then wouldn't install complaining again about 'the underlying connection was closed'. I left it to look at this week when I had time.

However, tonight patch 718 was installed on the synch machine fine but the other two machines have this error, now relating to patch 718, on the forced update. I can cancel it an log in/use Linnworks fine, just can't update any of the machines now!

Anyone else had this? It isn't internet connection as that is fine, but I'm guessing something is happening once the first one is updated.



So I just plugged an EE 4G dongle in to one of the PCs and Linnworks updated straightaway with no problems!  That's the same PC with all the security software running that wouldn't update when connected to the internet via BT.

So that has to point to BT being the problem surely?

I've already been on to them 3 times and they keep blaming Linnworks and Amazon (Linnworks store data on Amazon servers).

I thought we had pinned it down to BT being the culprit but I've just installed Linnworks on to a standalone laptop over the office BT broadband connection.  The laptop is not part of the domain and has Windows 10 installed whereas our PCs are on Windows 7.

This confuses it even more now!  Is it our domain? Is it a Windows problem?  I'm starting to think its possibly pointing to something to do with the domain now.

Further update:  I just switched off our server and then was able to install Linnworks on 1 of the PCs with no problems.

Andy, is your server running Windows Server 2012r2?  I reckon there may have been an update to the server OS that has caused this.

Maybe, I have two Windows 2012 Standard as the DCs and a couple of 2008s. And this is all running over Virgin Fibre rather than BT....I would like to think that if it is domain related there would be 'others' like us with the same problem!


I believe I have finally found the culprit.  Its a recent Windows 7 update.

I rolled back one of our PCs to before the problems and was able to install Linnworks with no issues.  Looking at the Windows updates that had been removed I got lucky and the first one I removed from one of the other PCs fixed the problem.  Have now been able to install and update Linnworks with no issues.

The offending Windows updates appear to be as follows.  You should only have one of these depending if you have SP1 or not.  Uninstall it and Linnworks desktop should work normally again.

KB4014596 - Quality Rollup for the .NET Framework 3.5.1 for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

KB4014504 - Security and Quality Rollup for the .NET Framework 3.5.1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the update. I wonder how essential those updates are as I don't think MS will 'fix' it on behalf of Linnworks. Again, I would expect that others might be in this situation rather than jus us two. I'm waiting for the next update to see how the PCs respond to that. Interestingly, I have had a look at my PC and the syn PC that has NOT suffered with these issues and I cannot find those two updates in its list of recent updates...the plot thickens.


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