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Hi, we have three Windows 7 PCs that run Linnworks Desktop daily, one of them being a 'sync user' to run the sync every 10 minutes. We also have a spare machine that I keep up to date just in case another member of staff needs to use an account when I am away.

Last week we had patch 717 which executed fine on the sync machine and then as a 'forced update' on the other two regular machines. However, the spare machine failed on the forced update with this message after updating database schema and trying to download the patch:

'Patch Number 717. Error: Error Downloading Patch File 717 . The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.'

I tried various things like turn off firewall, make sure internet up and running etc to the point where I couldn't find anything obvious so decided to download and reinstall. It then wouldn't install complaining again about 'the underlying connection was closed'. I left it to look at this week when I had time.

However, tonight patch 718 was installed on the synch machine fine but the other two machines have this error, now relating to patch 718, on the forced update. I can cancel it an log in/use Linnworks fine, just can't update any of the machines now!

Anyone else had this? It isn't internet connection as that is fine, but I'm guessing something is happening once the first one is updated.




We've responded to you in the ticket you've created. I suggest, for data protection purposes, we continue the investigation there.

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OK, after rapid support from Andrii via Teamviewer this morning, we were left none the wiser other than completely removing AVG. Just done that, re-installed AVG and it works...with exacty the same AVG setting as before!

I guess something has tripped these partciular installations of AVG to 'not like' the updater where e re-install appears to fix it. Thanks for looking at it quickly Andrii.


I'm getting the same error here for patches 717 and 718.  I've tied completely uninstalling Kaspersky and Malwarebytes but it hasn't fixed the problem for me.

Not sure it was entirely related to AVG although completely removing it and then uninstalling Linnworks then reinstalling then putting AVG back on again seems to work on the two machines that have had this problem! A tell tale sign for me is when 'check web access' takes longer than a couple of seconds when installing. Without AVG it zips through. I guess there's something the AV, yours and mine, don't quite like about these particular patches....


Thing is we were able to update fine at home over Virgin Broadband but not in the office over BT.  I've been on to BT about possible routing issues but they were not very helpful and basically said it wasn't their problem.

We are seeing an error "The handshake failed due to an unexpected packet format" which from some research seems to point to a SSL problem but where that is along the line I don't know. 

Interesting. We are on Virgin Fibre here so I'm not sure it is ISP related although we can't rule that out. Are you on a LAN at work?


We have 3 PCs and a server.  The server is acting as a domain controller and file server but the PCs connect directly to the internet through a BT hub.  I have been considering if the server is the culprit but the PCs can connect to the outside world independent of the server so I'm not sure it has any impact.

Have you tried uninstalling Kapersky and then uninstalling/reinstalling Linnworks? On one of the installations I had to do that specifically yet not on all...


I'll give it a try and see what happens.

No luck.  I completely uninstalled Kasperksy and Linnworks, then rebooted the PC but the installation still fails.  The 'check web access' stage is taking around 20 seconds.  Then it goes to the downloading screen for a while before chucking out a windows error saying the installer has stopped working.

Yes, exactly the behaviour we had but completely removing the AV and reinstalling Linnworks has worked on all the affected machines. Is the Windows Firewall off when you are re-installing? Might be worth turning that off in an attempt to see if that has anything to do with it.


I'll try that later.  Worth ruling everything out at this stage!

The odd thing was that all 3 PCs were all affected at the same time last Thursday.  Could be a network issue or if the error we are seeing is correct, a SSL certificate issue.

My understanding is that Linnworks desktop uses Internet Explorer to some extent, perhaps its settings.  I did try uninstalling and reinstalling IE yesterday and also updated to the latest microsoft .net version (4.6.2) but it hasn't helped.

Right, you know more than I do! The intersting thing is the 'sync' machine we have that is physically connected but not a part of the domain, with the same OS\AV and Linnworks etc as the other machines, has updated fine in all this.


I've just logged in to a user local to the PC so its not being served by domain controller, however it experienced the same problems.  I'm hopefully getting hold of a 4G dongle later which will hopefully point to either a local PC/network problem or a BT problem.

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