- Amazon - Processing Open Orders with Suspended Account

Hi there,

We have been a user of Linnworks for over 2 years but we still use the Desktop variant as we prefer the auto-search and various other features that just seem to work better for us.

One thing that we do prefer are the Integrations. 

We have another business/account that has been forced to use rather for integrations and have run into a few problems with it.

As i'm sure you're aware Amazon Seller Performance suspend accounts very often for a variety of reasons whether that be for 24 hours or 2 weeks+ it still does not get past the fact that there would be many open orders on your account to be shipped out.

When using if an Amazon account has been suspended the connection gets suspended and any open orders that you may have on dispatch will not get dispatched on Amazon's side which of course will leave a ton of Open Orders / Late Dispatched orders and you will have to manually go through each one which as you can imagine would be a complete nightmare with a larger account and likely mean permanent suspension of your Amazon account.

With the Desktop Application integrations even if the Amazon account is suspended, the open orders, once processed on Linnworks will still get sent through to Amazon and marked as dispatched on Amazon's end.

Our Amazon account is fairly large and we dispatch quite a number of orders per day, if we were on the newer integrations (which now seems forced - we are now no longer able to add additional integrations via the application and have to add via it would mean a loss of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Thankfully we only received this error on one of our very smaller business accounts but we have fears that if this were to happen with our bigger account would mean losses too large for us to sustain if not correctly synced.

A fix would seem necessary in my opinion because this issue has never been a problem Pre

Please let me know your thoughts.

Kind Regards

Pete Wright


I have raised a ticket for this issue on your account. Let us continue the discussion there. 

Best regards,


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