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How do you set / change the minimum level for a product?

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There are several ways a stock item minimum level can be changed.


The level can be changed manually for each stock item from within My Inventory:
1) Go to inventory control > My Inventory
2) Search for the stock item
3) Manually edit the Minimum Level value. The record will automatically be saved when the value is changed.

Data Import
The levels can be changed in bulk using Data import tool. More information on the import can be found here: 

Please Note: Setting the minimum level to -1 will have the effect of making the stock item not tracked. This is useful when configuring composite parents (Bundles).

Thank you for the helpful information.

Linnworks does not allow me to edit all channels manually for some reason.

Hello Ben,  

If you could clarify what you mean exactly, at what point you experience issues etc, that would be helpful.


I have 3 sales channels.

1) Amazon

2) Ebay

3) Woocommerce site

I use Amazon FBA to fulfill all orders on these channels.

On Linnworks, My Inventory, I can choose 3 locations -

1) Default

2) FBA

3) Combined stock

Only the Default allows me to edit the Minimum Level.

However, I am only interested in the FBA inventory, and I cannot edit the Minimum Level.

Is there some way that I can edit the Minimum Level on the FBA inventory?

Thank you.


You can add a minimum stock level to your items in FBA location via Inventory import. To import the minimum stock levels, please create a CSV file with 3 columns: SKU, minimum stock level and Location which should be FBA

More information on the import can be found here:


Thank you.

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