Order of images when uploaded into inventory?

When uploading a new product into My Inventory and several image URLs have been specified, it is logical to assume/hope these images would be shown in My Inventory in the same order.

Failing that, Alphabetical order or some order.

They appear to be completely random and uploading the same file again elicits another random order.

For whatever reason these images are not in the correct order, the fact that the same process is run on the same data you would at least expect the same result. This is the bit that gets me. Why not the same result?

I have just watched an hour long webinar on Youtube regarding listing to eBay. TWICE in that video he said the images are displayed in the order of the CSV file.

My feature request is the images you specify in the CSV appear as they should and not in some arbitrary ever changing order that is good for no one.



What you have described is how the system should work, therefore if you are finding the system is not performing correctly please raise this as a bug through the support ticket system so that it can be investigated and fixed

Please include examples of the import file you have used to add the images to Linnworks as this will help the investigation process.

To confirm how the system should be working

1. When importing multiple images to a Linnworks inventory item the Image import order is determined by sequential line order of the file

2. Once added to the Linnworks inventory item, the order they are used when listing should match the sequence they are displayed on the inventory item


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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