Amazon orders not downloading? Ticket 1130659

Since about 12pm my Amazon orders have not been downloaded.  

I use primarily desktop but checked .net.

The sync button says:

Amazon Order Download (Cloud)

Queued 3 May 2017 14:25

9 people have this problem

This was working again but as of 13.45 today (19th May) Amz sync failed.

Hi everyone,

It would appear that while the fix that we have released earlier has resolved a number of issues with the Amazon order synchronization, there are still a few points that may cause orders to fail to be downloaded, or updated from a Pending to a Paid status when actually paid for on Amazon. This has been forwarded back to our development team and we are looking into this as a priority.

Once again, I apologize for any and all the inconvenience this is causing.

This is still happening, it is now just taking far too long to change from pending to paid on Linnworks. An order placed last night at 8:56pm, it finally came through on Linnworks at 3:19pm the following day.

It is a next day delivery order and we have now missed it, we will again be losing our option to offer next day delivery Amazon customers due to Linnworks mistake/bugs.

Something has gone seriously wrong as it was working fine 6 months ago. Now with amazon I just do not trust it.

Whilst I consider myself loyal to linnworks and as a paying user this is testing my patience.

Just remember until it works 100% do not trust it as an Amazon suspension can ruin you.

I double check at the end of every day to make sure.

Its a good idea to keep some integrated invoices that work from the Amazon back office to get you by. Forms plus do them. 

I find it almost unbelievable that this has gone on so long without even an email to Linnworks customers. There is probably 75% of customers that do not even realise they are despatching items late or not at all and wondering why they are getting complaint's/losing premium options.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for raising your concerns. As it currently stands, two of our senior developers are working on the issue which seems to be related the reports that Amazon sends out. Linnworks reads these reports out but they sometimes fail for some customers resulting in incomplete order data in Linnworks. I apologise for the inconvenience that this is causing.

As this forum is only sporadically covered by support, I would strongly suggest reaching out via the official support ways such as LiveChat, telephone or even better; a support ticket with all details. These will be picked up the quickest and give us useful insights and examples which can contribute to our technicians being able to resolve the issue quicker. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience Manager


All Amazon orders from 10am this morning are not coming into Linnworks, it is now 11:50am. This will not do our Amazon metrics any good.


Welcome to the party Andrew.

Suggest you monitor it closely like I have for the past six months as I was suspended because of this issue (I appealed and was reinstated after a few hours).

Klaas Schippers, I raised this issue with you numerous times and tech support just closed the tickets. I think it is best we keep this issue open to keep tabs on the progress.

As a benchmark double check everything linnworks says with Amazon.

PS I am still paying orderhub £70 per month as a workaround.

Hello there,

We have released a new hotfix for the issue, apologies again for the inconvenience caused. This should resolve the problem for good.

well it was OK for 24 hours - now we have the same problem again

Hello there,

I have checked your Amazon accounts and the issue is in the fact that Amazon supplies empty reports for the order report we are using to download and update the orders. That issue was also identified and we are discussing it with Amazon on how we can treat such reports - I can see you have a ticket for that issue(1133635) I will keep you updated on the fix in that ticket and if any orders which you see stuck - please reply there and we will attend to them.

If any one else is seeing that their orders are still looking stuck - please log a support ticket so we can attend to the reports per each customer as needed and we will also be able to keep you updated on the release of that fix. Please bear with us, as soon as we get the needed information from Amazon we will implement the fix. 

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