Amazon orders not downloading? Ticket 1130659

Since about 12pm my Amazon orders have not been downloaded.  

I use primarily desktop but checked .net.

The sync button says:

Amazon Order Download (Cloud)

Queued 3 May 2017 14:25

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Thanks for reporting! We will check on this and we will get back to you in the ticket 1130659.

For those that are having a problem - short term answer if you are rushing to get orders out.
(for linnworks desktop)
1. Unpark the orders in Linnworks
2. Delete the orders in linnworks
3. In linnworks go into settings/channel intergration / Amazon / Config
4. Change the last order sync date to 1 day before the first order that is not coming in (for safety I do it as a week)
5. Save and then sync

it's not stopping the problem but at least it does bring the orders in whilst Linnworks are working on a fix


I have the same problem, it started on 2nd May, have to manually update and change parked orders to paid, its not all the orders just some of them!  We sync every 20 mins and they just don't download correctly

YIKES tried the method above from Adam Davies and ALL the parked orders are now gone but NOT been replaced with the orders, paid/unpaid/parked or otherwise.  They are totally being ignored, and I went back several days.


It should work - I've had to do it about 6 times now and it pulled all of them back into linnworks desktop no problem


Check your sync time in .net - just because you have it set to 20 mins it doesn't mean that it does sync every 20 mins. It might be that it's just not pulled them in yet


We use desktop, and I have manually synced about 12 times now with nothing coming through.  It is very worrying.

Just noticed a few orders that are stuck as "pending" but are clearly not pending on Amazon. I wondered why we lost our premium shipping eligibility on Amazon.

Thanks for the heads up that there is a problem Linnworks, it seems this was only reported 6 days ago!!

Good morning,

Apologies for not updating this thread sooner.

We are aware of a few issues with the Amazon synchronization at present, such as:

- Orders being skipped during a synchronization

- Order statuses not being updated to a Paid status in Linnworks when they are actually paid on Amazon

- FBA Orders not being marked as processed in Linnworks once they are shipped by FBA

A hotfix has been applied from our end for the first issue to ensure that orders are downloaded properly, however, fixes for the other issues are still being worked on by our development team.

A quick workaround to this would be to proceed to Settings - Channel Integration, open the Amazon channel configuration and set the 'Last Order Synchronization Date' back to before the unpaid orders have actually been paid for, or better yet, to a date before the orders have been placed.

This will order a new report from Amazon, containing all of the missing information and update the orders in Linnworks accordingly.

For updates on when these issues are resolved for good, please raise support tickets with a title of 'Amazon Order Synchronization problem'. We will then be able to link these tickets to the appropriate development cards and provide you with an update as soon as the complete fix is released.

Is this meant to be fixed yet?  I'm still manually having to deal with pending orders.  Some updates to the situation would be good.

Silly question possibly but have you restarted desktop? Hotfix 717 fixed it for us.


Please sort this out we are still having problems. It was working til yesterday but stopped at about 16.30 on 17/05.

We now have 17 orders waiting in Amazon to either come through or be marked as paid or shipped.

Could manually re-sync as above but we are not always here to do that and syncing is vital for stock control.

I have been having this problem for 6 months and was dismissed when I 1st brought it to linnworks attention.

I got suspended off amazon (for 8 hours) until I appealed it. Expedited orders still parked and missing dispatch times. Metric hit the red and so did my patience.

I am paying £70 per month to orderhub just to manage my amazon orders as a work around, but it is not perfect.

I have lost trust in the system and I had 2 tickets closed and after a phone call 10 days ago they finally admitted there was a problem.

Total Mess

Hello everyone,

I would like to inform you that the fix for the recent issues with Amazon orders has now gone live and the problem should not occur any longer.

If you do spot any issues with the Amazon order synchronization, please raise this as a support ticket so that our technical support agents can investigate this with a priority.

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