EBAY Stock Not Updating

 I have been adding new SKUs to and mapping products to Amazon (2 sites) and Ebay (UK site) which all looked like it was working OK.  All inventory has updated on both Amazon sites but not on Ebay.  I have checked the link and seems OK and enabled - is there something I am doing wrong?

Hi Julie,

With eBay, there are a few additional inventory sync options that will need to be enabled in order for Linnworks to update the listings on eBay correctly.

Could you please go to Settings - Channel Integration, open your eBay Channel details and scroll down to the inventory settings.

Here, you will need to ensure that at least the 'Revise Listings' option is enabled, which is a setting on eBay that is responsible for stock updates. Unless this is enabled, Linnworks will not attempt to update the quantities of these listings on eBay, as it is assumed that they should not be.

The other options are optional, but I will describe what each of them does, so you could decide if it is something that you need enabled for your listings:

- End Listings - This option needs to be enabled if you require Linnworks to close your listings, once the stock level of the linked inventory item reaches either 0 or the default end when quantity. Unless enabled, your listings will continue running until closed manually, which may lead to overselling

- Relist Listings - When a stock item runs out of stock in Linnworks, the listing will be closed on eBay. After the item is back in stock, the listing will be relisted automatically on your eBay channel without you having to do so manually. This will not retain the rating of your listing, or the sales history

- Do not end/relist auctions - These two options are responsible for limiting the aforementioned settings to your GTC listings only. Auction-type listings will then be ended and relisted without the interference of Linnworks

- Out-of-stock enabled - With this feature enabled, once your listings reach their closing point, (A stock level of 0, or the default end when quantity) the listing will not be closed, but rather will be marked as inactive. When you then get more stock for the linked item, the listing will continue running, retaining all of it's rating and sales history. This option must also be enabled on eBay before it is enabled in Linnworks. More information on this option may be found here:

- Limit update to a specific site - As the name suggests, this limits the stock level updates that Linnworks will be submitting to the marketplace selected within the 'Site to update' setting

- Download full listings - Works in correlation with the Extract Inventory tool and will download all information that is available on the listing on eBay into Linnworks, creating a new stock item in the system

Please revise these options and let us know if you continue experiencing any stock update issues!

Kind regards,


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