How to Dropship for my customers

Hi I want to use Linnworks to Drop Ship for my customers. 

The challenge is I need a way of taking payments as they place orders but also working with import and export files.

Are there popular tools out there that exist for this and even better does it interface with Linnworks?

Hi Vikas,

I haven't tested it properly but there is an app for Stripe payments that have been integrated for, if your orders come in imported as unpaid then you could possibly use the app to take card payments.

Linnworks out of the box will work well for the order management and stock control but for automatically taking payment it may be worth at getting a custom app created.

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Hello Vikas,

If you are looking for a Dropshipping solution integrated with Linnworks, please get in touch and we can see what can be done.

Also, as Charlie McBroom has kindly mentioned, Linnworks apps such as Stripe can be used for accepting payment for Linnworks

unpaid direct orders. In addition, we have recently launched a PayPal payment integration for Linnworks where you can accept payment from clients 

either by obtaining card details over the phone, the client logging into their PayPal account or entering in their card details locally 

if they are with you in person, or you can send a payment link with an invoice requesting payment from the customer remotely.

You can watch this video demonstration here.


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