Woocommerce and Linnworks not syncing - Ticket number: 1128568

Seen as though I'm not getting anywhere with your support team, I'm resorting to posting on this forum... Ticket Number 1128568, non of my Woocommerce Orders are syncing to Linnworks, and I therefore cant use Linnworks until its resolved, can you please update me on this as a matter of urgency now.

Hello there,

The person who was investigating that ticket was not in the office over the weekends - he should update you once he is in today. I have checked the ticket messages and I can see that this specific problem in your ticket is being investigated. There is not much to update you about there in the ticket, rather than to let you know that this is still being looked into at the moment. Please bear with us and we will update you once there is some resolution for that WooCommerce issue in the ticket itself.

Has this issue been resolved? I am getting errors, nothing has synced from my site yet.

There was a bug for this particular customer which has been resolved, the fix will be released soon. 

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