Ebay - Removing Active Content from Templates

As ebay make drastic changes to the rules on how are templates should be I am wondering what help or tools Linnworks is going to provide in making this a smooth transition.

Sample templates that we can modify ourselves and an app to change all our existing listings over to the new templates would be very useful.

(even the listings that Linnworks created themselves for us with the International listings initiative will no longer work)

Advice or thoughts anyone?

Hi Jacqui,

Please note that eSeller Solutions are offering an exclusive offer for Linnworks customers for a review and new listing design - http://www.esellersolutions.com/linnworks-special.html

Yeah, I saw their templates, not impressed at what you get for the price, and a huge fee to implement it to the already live listings.

I was hoping Linnworks would be more help.

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