Woocommerce downloading pending / unpaid orders


Woocommerce channel should at least have an option to disable/enable downloading of unpaid order !

Please consider doing that as soon as possible. We end up cancelling unpaid orders from Linnwokrs every day only for the WooCommerce channel wile it takes stock until we cancel it- stock that somebody else could pay for !

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Yes, also downloading 'cancelled' status orders does not help, especially as it takes the inventory.

This is becoming quite problematic for us as I'm manually having to find 'pending' orders in Linnworks and then make a judgement on:

a) whether to delete them to free up the inventory but then if the customer pays later using the same orderid, Linnworks won't re-download it so we'll miss the order

b) keep the order pending for a finite period but run the risk of inventory not being available to others

What makes this situation worse is we use an abandoned cart plugin where the customer can recover their carts/pending orders so we can't just simply start cancelling the pending orders in Linnworks.

The fact that Linnworks doesn't talk to Woocommerce (and vice-versa) in relation to cancelling orders means that any order cancellations need to be done on BOTH Linnworks and Woocommerce.

All in, this is a very tedious and manually intensive operation.

It could be solved by having the option to not download pending orders or perhaps a way to find these pending orders in Linnworks, cancel them in a batch and for that information to make its way back to Woocommerce so I don't have to repeat the exercise there.

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