Export Supplier Code without the need for Supplier Name

The ability to export the supplier code in export data without having to specify the supplier name. If you have 10 different suppliers you cannot use one export sheet to get the information.

I use the exported data to run through our label printer software in which we need to display a supplier code of all products not just of one specified supplier.

Currently i have to use Bin Rack Field to contain supplier codes as this exports easily however due to expansion I will soon need to use the Bin Rack Field for its intended use.

Hi Paul,

This can be achieved via the following method

  1. Goto Dashboards > Query Data 
  2. Select the Query Type Product Suppliers
  3. Use the Supplier dropdown to select All Suppliers
  4. Click Generate Report
  5. Click Download (CSV file)
More details on the data contained in the report can be found here

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

The report does indeed generate a report of items with the supplier and country code, however i am talking about the scheduled export data function. In the export inventory it allows you to add a supplier code however is asks for a supplier to be chosen, there is no option to select all suppliers. The Inventory supplier data export would be ok however this does not allow you to add additional columns such as bin rack or weight etc. Both exports functions are nearly there but just missing this ability. 

I need a bit more customisation in the export which the query data all suppliers report doesn't allow.

Hi Paul,

to get  the exact report you require this will require a custom script that can be then be used as a Automated Data Export.

This way you are able to state exactly which fields you need.

Other alternatives that can be achieved through the Automated Exports are as follows

Using the Export Type Inventory Supplier

In the Filter For Supplier Name add each supplier One by One to the Filter so that All Suppliers are listed

Tick the required columns such a Supplier Code

The export will include a row for each SKU that has one of your selected Supplier Names

The export does not include Bin Location 



Using the Export Type Inventory with Additional columns 

Use the Additional Columns option to Add Supplier Code

Give the column a name that is meaningful such as Ivan_SupCode where Ivan is the name of your Supplier

Select the Supplier Name from the drop down list

Repeat this process for each Supplier that you wish to include in the report

To include Bin Rack again use the Additional Column functionality to include it and select the Location you need to see the Bin Rack for

The export will include a single row for each SKU with the Supplier codes and Bin Racks pivoted up to columns

This is a much heavier export as every SKU is included in the report and also link to more tables to retrieve the required data.

So if you go down this route do not set up a 15 minute schedule for exports as you u will just be overloading your DB for no reason



Many thanks for this info I will try the methods out you have suggested, I did not realise the option was there to schedule a customs script, however now I have seen it I may implement that also.

(p.s. I understand some of the feature requests may only be specific to my use)

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