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It would be great if you could create templates for Extended Properties (image attached).

In addition changing sort order would be pretty useful to. :)


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I was just going to post my own post regarding this.

On the inventory item extended properties it would be good to list all the extended properties without having to add them all to each individual item.
If all the extended properties were displayed in a list you could just go down the list and fill them in. Currently you have to go through each one adding them and then filling them in, that is if you remember them all. Only if the field was filled in would it apply to the item.

The idea mentioned which displays a list of attributes according to a predefined template idea would be ideal. Similar to attributes and attribute sets in magento.
A similar layout to what is use when filling in attributes on a listing using a configurator would be ideal. With the abilty to reorder the extended properties which is then saved in a template file.

Similar approach would be to set a tab up like the categories or locations settings which was purely for extended properties and there extended properties set. You could then just select the extended property set on the inventory item and fill them in. The ability to add and delete extented properties would all be done in the extended properties tab.

Hi Kasia / Paul,

we agree in principle that this would be a very nice feature to have directly within the system, however as importing of Extended Properties from a template CSV currently exists within the Data Import functionality they are no current plans to add this new feature to Linnworks.net.

We will leave the feature request open, so that it can continue to receive votes and can be reviewed again in the future

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Also we need a screen for see all extended properties. I described it here — https://help.linnworks.com/support/discussions/topics/7000009081

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