Adding eBay Subtitles In Bulk

Previously we were able to list and update the eBay subtitle in bulk to all eBay channels (UK, FR, ES etc.) using Extended Properties.

We have now been told that for a temporary fix, we will have to add the eBay subtitle into the LinnLive listing template manually.

It seems wrong to have to input the subtitle in manually for every new listing.

Can you please bring back the option to upload the eBay subtitle through Extended Properties to LinnLive so that we don't have to input it manually?

Kind regards


Hi Alex,

apologies for the delay in responding to this request

This functionality is available using the following logic and priority for selection of the subtitle

Example for EBAY0 

Priority 1 - EBAY0_SUBTITLE_UK

Priority 2 - EBAY0_SUBTITLE


Priority 4 - EBAY_SUBTITLE

The same logic also applies for other sites eg EBAY0_SUBTITLE_DE / EBAY0_SUBTITLE_ES / EBAY0_SUBTITLE_FR / EBAY0_SUBTITLE_IT


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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