Unfulfillable stock in Amazon

Linnworks is correctly pulling through the Fulfillable quantity levels from the various FBA locations. In Linnworks, how can I see the quantities of items which Amazon regards as Unfulfillable?


If the Amazon API has the Fulfillable quantities, then it should have the Unfulfillable quantities too I would have thought.

This would be extremely useful for monitoring and stock reconciliation purposes. Also, would be a useful tool to manage the recall of the unfulfillable items from the Amazon FCs sine they scrap the item(s) after a certain time.


Any thoughts?

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could you clarify what you mean by "Quantities of items which Amazon regards as Unfulfillable"

Amazon do provide values for both TotalSupplyQuantity and InStockSupplyQuantity but the quantity that's not "InStock" is for items that are inbound or between fulfilment centres

There's quite a few FBA inventory reports that Amazon offer, but unfortunately no documentation that fully explain what they actually contain


If you can provide some more detail about "Unfulfillable levels" and where you would see them it would be possible for us to make a better assessment as to the feasibility of implementing a feature related to this.

Mark Aldous

Linn Systems

Hi Mark 

What Latif Kothia means is the following 

Currently the stock level what is in FBA is shown in Linnworks as Level for example 

Amazon FBA shows as the attached 

Currently on Linnworks it only show the fulfillable show, if the cost price of the test product is £10 it will only show a stock value of £3830

However there is currently stock within Amazon fulfillment centers of 12 in unfulfillable & 35 reserved.  We have another 47 units in FBA warehouses that is not accounted for this is a stock value of £470 if the cost price is £10. 

Now within the reserved column on amazon this consist of 

  • reserved_customerorders
  • reserved_fc-transfers
  • reserved_fc-processing
I want to make sure that all the above is taken to account in the stock value on Linnworks. 

There is also an inbound column that we currently take care for using another location and transferring stock , however again this would be useful to have this automatically to be pulled into Linnworks to account for stock value rather than us needing to transfer the stock. 

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