Weights Question Please

We are just setting up Linnworks.net so that we can get tracking information on our Royal Mail 24 and 48 2D labels.  We currently use the free version of Linnworks just to print labels off and have been using Linnworks Desktop to set average weights as we don't pull in our inventory, however moving to .net we understand that all products need a weight. 

My question is do we put the weights on Amazon / Ebay etc for Linnworks.net to pull the information in automatically, and if so is there a setting we need to click to bring this in?

Hello Julie,

Please note that you would need to put weights on your linnworks skus. The weight of an item is taken directly from your linnworks inventory is then calculated within the order. You can assign weight in bulk via the linnworks.net import tool. This is done by setting up an inventory import. (http://www.linnworks.com/support/settings/import-and-export-data/import-data/import-types/inventory-import)

Alternatively, you can also manually add the weight to your skus by accessing the item details window. (click on a sku or edit item on lw desktop > postage definition tab). 

Best regards,

Tech Support

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