Ebay managed returns - does it not put the stock back into inventory?

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 I just noticed this today (which is a problem as my stock levels are going to be out now).

But if you have Ebay Managed returns enabled in your ebay configuration then when you action a ebay return within linnworks the item does not put it back onto your stock level (as it would do via a normal return booking).

So whilst in one hand Linnworks is making it nice an easy to issue a refund for the returned item, with it's other hand it's making it a lot harder as you have to manually put the item back into stock and you don't have a return reason record.

Also when using Ebay managed returns you can't scrap an item (so to have a record of your scraps).

Is it meant to work this way or am I missing something?

What I'm going to have to do for the moment is turn off Ebay Managed Returns and then when I get a email alert from ebay manually book it in.

Hello Adam,

Once a return is raised by eBay via the Sync process, the return will appear in the Returns Refunds screen. Returns that have been generated via the Managed Returns functionality will have an eBay logo in the Return Tag column. Clicking the action button will display the known details for this return including Tracking information and the returns requested by the customer.

Once you have received the item back from the customer and wish to process the refund, click the Issue Refund button to process the refund to eBay. Once this is done, the return will be converted from a Return Booking to a completed Return.

I would suggest that you have a look at our blog post about this functionality where it is described in detail. (http://blog.linnworks.com/managed-returns-linnworks

Best regards,

Tech Support

Hi Oleg,
Thanks for your reply but it doesn't address the questions that I asked.
Please go ahead and try it yourself. Ebay Managed Returns DOES NOT put an item back into stock when the return is processed like it would do normally with a booked return AND there is NO OPTION TO SCRAP AN ITEM.
If there is something I'm missing please post a screenshot where there is the option to scrap an item from an ebay managed return.



The scrap item option is indeed available on linnworks desktop, screenshot attached below. I would not want to action a Return on your account without confirmation though. Am I allowed the fulfill the return which is captured in the screenshot from my end? 

Best regards,

Tech Support

We can't complete that return yet as it has not arrived back from the buyer.
I have to admit I missed the cliking the + symbol to open it up for editing but I did about 5 returns yesterday (by just clicking the tick icon) and non of the items went back into stock (so stock level did not go up)



Has the item arrived to the warehouse yet?

If so, have you managed to put the needed qty back to stock by following the guide provided by my colleague, Adam? I believe this functionality should be working fine and you should be able to put the items back to stock.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

Tech Support

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