New Community Member - Inventory shows only test listings.


I signed up to the Community account, linked it to one of my eBay UK accounts, which has 12 active listings. I waited while it finished setting up my account and importing listings. However, my account shows only "marker pen" test listings in the inventory.

Eg. TEST_Swan Stabilo Boss Highlighter

I have been all through the account for over an hour checking every setting and option multiple times.

Can anyone please advise how to switch to my live listings data? Thank you.


 Thank you for your question. It seems that you have set up the channel and downloaded the listings from the channel but you haven't created SKUs for the listing that you currently have on the channel. If you go to Settings -> Channel Integration -> Channel Mapping (the third small icon behind the channel name). There you will be able to create inventory items based on the listing data that was downloaded from eBay. Once you have created the items based on the eBay listing then they will appear in your inventory as well and you can then add additional details to them either using import or editing the items in your inventory view.

 In addition, you can actually go ahead and delete the test items if you don't need them.

Documentation on creating inventory items from the mapping screen:

 Hope this helps, feel free to contact us again if you should have any additional questions.

With Best Regards,


Linnworks Technical Support

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