UPC shows "Does Not Apply" on eBay after listing Linnworks to eBay plarform


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I have uploaded all product information and then listed to eBay.

However, inside of the product page on eBay shows that UPC is Does Not Apply.

Under the Item Specific, there is UPC that I have uploaded via Linnworks.

why does this happen?

Is that a kind of error by Linnworks mapping issue?




Product Identifiers EAN/UPC/ISBN will need to be saved in the barcode field on the stock item. Linnworks will pull the Product Identifier value automatically from the barcode field, and eBay will identify its correct type, for instance a European Article Number (EAN) or a Universal Product Code (UPC).

Since barcode added to SKU in the example is 13-digit it is being identified as EAN (UPC is 12-digit value) and being submitted to eBay as: 

<ISBN>Does Not Apply</ISBN>

<UPC>Does Not Apply</UPC>


Therefore UPC is displayed as Does Not Apply on the back end. 

If you would like UPC value to be displayed on back end, you will need to provide an actual UPC value (which is 12-digit) in the barcode field > Linnworks will send it as UPC > UPC field will be populated on the back end with the barcode value.

UPC is being passed along to eBay in Item Specifics as it is mapped this way (UPC value is 8806382611238) in listing template in LinnLive in 'Specifics' section.

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