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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to LW, currently trying to set the system up before we make the move from our current system over to LW, so far I have integrated shipping, channels set up rules etc... everything is almost ready to have everyone move over to the new system.

However, when I initially connected the stores all orders have been imported and the majority of them have been dealt with in the Order Management software we are currently using but have been left in LW, our current system updates the orders to dispatched even if it was done outside of that software for example directly from Amazon, I naively assumed this would be the same in LW, so I am now left with thousands of orders in LW that have been shipped.

Long story short, is there a way to reset my open orders so that it shows the correct amount of orders that are awaiting processing?




Thank you for contacting us.

It depends on each channel but if you just have Amazon channel orders in your open order screen, then you can just delete them all and put the last order sync date back in your Amazon channel configuration (Linnworks > Settings > Channel Integrations). Orders with the status of unshipped will be downloaded again.

Please note that you should put at least 2 days before your first unshipped order date in the Amazon channel configuration.

Feel free to ask any further questions.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

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