VAT invoicing for Amazon Pan-European and EFN sellers

It would be great for LW to be able to pull in the fulfilment centre code (and therefore its country) into the FBA order when it downloads it from Amazon. This data is required in order to send a correct VAT invoice to an FBA customer since in certain circumstances the VAT liability is in the country from which the goods are dispatched. Currently the information is only available via a downloaded report in Seller Central (Amazon Fulfilled Shipments - the fulfillment-center-id field). This is extremely time-consuming when sending even just a few VAT invoices per day.

If the FBA fulfilment centre data were available via the API, this could be included in the order details within LW. It would seem logical that this info would be available in the order details.

This would also be the basis for an invoicing system which fully supported PanEU sellers and EFN sellers that allow their stock to be held in FBA centres outside their home country, although that is a more complex requirement.

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I have spoken with our development team on this as I know there has been work going on to enhance the order download for FBA orders.

The work they have done is now complete and will be gradually rolled out to all users of Linnworks so that synchronisation of orders will be via our updated cloud based methods.

As part of this we have looked at the Fulfilment Center Code and what we are able to do with it to make it visible to the end user such as yourself. As Linnworks handles orders from multiple channels we don't want to change the order page so that the information displayed is specific to a single channel. With this in mind we will be logging the Fulfilment Center Code in the Audit Trail of the order for you to view.

At the moment there are not any reports that have been created to view this in Dashboards > Query Data, but I am sure this would be possible to add later once we know under what sort of conditions a report would be required.

As we are using the Audit Trail, there would be no real way within Linnworks to use this for any invoicing systems.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems 

That's a huge step forward Mark - thanks! 

Once I know the roll out of this starts I will update this thread

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