Improve Updating Pricing - LW Queue Updates For Us

We have over 30000 SKUs and sometimes we do need to update en masse, particularly with international selling as exchange rates fluctuate which then affects our pricing. We have had problems with both Amazon and Ebay prices not updating when we have imported them into LW. 

Although the root causes of the problems are slightly different, LW solution for either is to upload prices in blocks of 1000 SKUs over a period of time. For Ebay this is every 30 mins, for Amazon they have recommended 4 hours. 

This is obviously very disruptive for working on other tasks, takes a lot longer to do, as well as making us very unresponsive on price changes for the channels. 

LW should build some capability that allows people to upload as many prices as they want and then LW stutters sending them out to the channels in whatever amount and time they feel is correct. Along with that there should be better reporting for whether prices have been updated to the channels or not


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Hi Mark,

you do not have to upload your prices to Linnworks in blocks of 1000 SKU's. 

The batching for submitting the updates to each channel is automatically controlled by the internal infrastructure of the Linnworks price change functionality. The size of each batch has been set up based on the limitations imposed on us by each channel and typical times to process up to 20,000 price updates is detailed in the following guide. As you can see from this guide for eBay we automatically break the batches into 250, however for Amazon the batch size is 10,000; with the batch submission taking place approximately every 30 minutes. So for you with 30,000 SKU's on eBay updates this will take around 60 hours and for Amazon this will take around 3 hours.

With regards to reporting back on the progress of Price change the following options are currently provided
  • Sync Status - any errors reported during sync are highlighted here and can be investigated directly from this screen
  • Automation Logs - this provides a full list of the logs produced during cloud based synchronsation processes
  • Inventory Item - On the Listing Descriptions tab the status of Price Change for the individual item is reported here

I hope this clears up the the Price Submission process for you and if you do have any issues with the updates not matching the times in the guide please contact support directly who can investigate for you.
Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems


Apologies for the delay in replying to this. 

In the past we have had problems with prices on Amazon not updating via a bulk import into LW.

Previously I was recommended by LW support staff to upload in batches of 1000 so I am confused as to why this is now not required. 

Something was definitely happening which prevented prices not being outputted correctly to the Amazon channels. So I am unsure of where to go from here?


I can not say why you were previously advised to upload them in batches of 1000 as I am not aware of who provided this advice to you so do not the exact circumstances under which it was made.

However, as I have said above, there should be no need for you to upload your price changes in batches to Linnworks as the system will automatically perform its own internal routines to break the price updates down into a suitable set of batches for uploaded to the required channel with each batch size being based on the requirements of the channel to ensure we do not hit the limits imposed by their API.

If you do have an issue with prices not updating based on the numbers and times mentioned above please bring it immediately to the attention of support.


Mark Aldous

Linn Systems Ltd

This is still an awful system - we have had pending price update for Ebay and Magento for over THREE WEEKS. How on earth can we run a business like this??

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