I wanted to know, is it possible to create a location/ warehouse that has our actual stock numbers. We then want it to deduct orders from the sales channels on the location, but not send data from Linnworks to eBay. I.e. we run a dummy warehouse to enter the stock levels to update eBay and then an actual warehouse which isn't able to upload stock to eBay but will deduct stock orders to give us an actual stock take?



This is indeed possible with linnworks. 

What you need to do is go to your channel integration into edit channel location mapping on your eBay channel. From there you have an option to select which location does the inventory sync from and which location does the orders deduct stock levels from.
Set "Inventory sync locations:" to the dummy location and set the ''Order dowload location:" as your actual warehouse.

Now you are updating your stock to from a virtually unlimited stockpile from the virtual stockpile. But when orders come in they deduct from your actual stock level in your actual warehouse, helping you keep track on your stock.

I hope this helped.

Best wishes,

Kevin V
Technical Support.

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