Shopify shipping

Hi all,

I've got a problem with my shopify integration where shipping services are not available to map.  I have an extension for Shopify which provides shipping rates based on postcode which is causing the issue although it's not doing anything incorrect and all of the shipping data is received by Linnworks correctly.

The only clue I can find is in the Order XML (see attachment).  The ShippingLine > Source is 'shopify' for orders not using the extension, but for orders with shipping calculated by it Source is 'Postcode Shipping Extension'. 

Shopify is still the 'Source' for both orders in regard to channel so no problem with that and apart from that the orders import fine.

I'm assuming this is the reason why only orders with the source 'shopify' can be mapped to services.  I have tried where the services available are available to map but only the shopify shipping orders appear in the drop down list of services regardless of me hitting the update button.

Is there any way around this?  I'm no scripter so a workaround please if that was going to be the answer. 

If it is a script though I assume this is a simple one liner though?

I'm desperate for a solution, if anyone can assist that'd be great.


OK got this sorted with the help of a friend who mapped shipping services to the order xml with a script.

It would be nice if Linnworks could take in the shipping code regardless of the source tag...I assume this is because for the shipping part of the integration Linnworks are using the shipping source rather than the channel source to recognise the 'shippingline' node.

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