How to add Condition and Condition description in ebay configurator?

I'm trying to add these items so I can push my products to ebay but can't find how.

This is the for the web application


Thank you for your question.

Am I correct thinking you wish to add condition and condition notes to your items on eBay? If so, you can specify this within the Main screen of a configurator by navigating to the Condition part.

There, you will find 3 different  drop-down boxes:

Item Condition: Default value for your items' condition. Note that conditions may vary by category.

Extended Property for Condition: Extended property which contains the condition ID. If the item does not have the specified extended property, then the default item condition will be used. Using this will override the default condition.

Extended Property for Condition Note: Extended property which contains the condition note to be sent to eBay. If you are selling items that are not new, it is possible to specify their condition by adding extended property with additional details about the item's condition to each inventory item. For more details on describing item's condition please refer to the following ebay guide

In order to be able to make use of the option with Extended Properties, you need to make sure that your items do have the according attributes within them. In order to LinnLive be able to pull the item's condition from the extended properties for eBay - you need to set the property as follows: the "Name" of property is set by user, but it should be named that way, so you can easily find it; the "Value" must be set as a plain number ID (the ID's can be found here) and the "Type" should be set to "Attribute".

Hope this was helpful.

Ilja Lissov

Technical Support Service

Ok thank you

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