Linnworks freezing when using Shipping Management

I logged this with LW Support a while ago and tried everything they suggested but to no avail and I was wondering if any forum members have seen this (and hopefully solved it!)

When we go into Shipping Management, after a short while, Linnworks will freeze totally, whether we're still in Shipping Management, or if we've closed the tab.

We use LW Desktop

It happens on 2 of our 3 machines - both Win10, other is Win 8.1

All three use Avast

All three attached to same router

Any ideas as it is driving us insane?

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Hello Jackie,

There have been reports previously of avast crashing linnworks desktop.

Would it be possible to troubleshoot this by disabling avast antivirus? Does it bring the same result?
What could be happening is that some program is trying to get control over linnworks while linnworks is requesting data from the web e.g shipping info. In most cases it's always the antivirus that's preventing this from happening.

Please try disabling the antivirus and then using linnworks to see that it gets the same result.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

Kevin V
Technical Support

Hi, It happens on every machine we have owned on various addresses also. We have gotten used now to CTR ALT and DEL after every day we perform our manifest. Linnworks last time said it was my internet dropping out for a secon but it happened on my current address, home address and previous business address also

Hello Matthew,

Thank you for your response to this post!

Are you experiencing the same issue as above, within the shipping section? If your PCs are using Avast as well, this is a known side effect as we have seen several cases of Linnworks Desktop being affected in certain areas by that specific antivirus software, if not crashing altogether. Antivirus and firewall settings, in general, can affect the communication between your network(s) and our servers. What I would recommend first is to ensure that your network can connect freely without any settings potentially blocking the connection, as our team mentioned that the internet connection has intermittently dropped, then this may be worth double-checking on each PC. Secondly, I would like to introduce the idea of becoming familiar with the interface for shipping management as most new integrations and advanced settings are housed there. In addition to that, using a web-based platform improves the performance regardless of what type of computer you're using as it is less likely to be affected by any of your other files or most settings. You can file your manifests, and as usual, the procedures and storage are similar Linnworks Desktop and then some.

This would help you focus on maintaining your business rather than needing to reboot the software or spend extra time waiting if Linnworks Desktop, in particular, is causing issues for you. Of course, should you have any questions or concerns if you decide to begin using for daily tasks, please reach out to the community through these forums or contact support directly, as the Linnworks team and other users are happy to share best practice tips and advice on making the switch. If there's anything else that we can assist with regarding this, feel free to send another message here and we'll get back to you shortly.

Best regards,

Kat Davison

Linn Systems

Technical Support

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Hi Kat yes its the same as above, its only when we enter the shipping option. the whole program freezes and the only way out it to perform a CTL ALT DLT to force close the program. We use many Linnworks features all day and we never have a problem until we hit the shipping button. We use Kaspersky internet security on this machine. We have tried disabling which didnt work, We have also tried setting Linnworks to be completely ignored in Kaspersky

Hello Matthew,

In this case I would recommend you to 1) uninstall Linnworks Desktop from your PC, 2) Install it back.

Installation file (which is also used for 'uninstall') can be downloaded from - Settings - General Settings - Desktop application.

Hope it helps!

Kind regards,


Technical Support

Hi Julietta, This has also been tried in the past, we have put up with it now for over 5 years on various different machines with different internet connections. Linnworks used to always run fine before, The problem only started when we added the Royal Mail integration. Its just something we have accepted now. Sometimes the crash/freeze doesn't happen straight away. it can happen 5 or 10 minutes after we have come out of shipping, but it only ever happens once we have entered shipping at the end of day. 

Hello Matthew,

Thank you for your reply.

I opened your account and shipping management screen. Here everything is working fine without any delay. I cannot say what is causing this to crash but there must be something on your end with hardware or software.

As my colleague suggested I would also recommend to integrate Royal Mail in rather then in Desktop and delete the desktop integration. The benefit of doing this is that if you accidentally print a label and you want to cancel it so you wont get charged for it, this can be done from the integration only. You can still print shipping labels on Desktop and using the integration. Linnworks also does not support the desktop Royal mail integration anymore. All the new features such as 2d barcodes and others are only added to the Royal Mail integration.

Moving to integration will also fix the issues with freeze or crash of the application.

Hello Taimur

Now im confused????

We can delete labels in desktop from the manifest screen by clicking the delete X button can't we? Or are you telling me now after 5 years that we have been charged for these via Royal Mail?? Please answer regarding this question asap. 

We are also using the 2D barcode system in Desktop and have been since it was introduced


In the end of the day you file a manifest that contains all the orders that you printed that day. This data will be sent to Royal Mail and later you will receive a bill for all these orders. You were not charged for the orders removed from the manifest before it was filed. 

Best regards,

Alesja Tsernoseva

Tech Support

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