How to integrate with opencart and custom sites

We have sites using opencart and a custom PHP site. Is there linnworks integrations for these? We can do some coding ourselves to make them work if necessary.


Sorry for the delay in our response.

As per your OpenCart website integration: we have a documentation on this topic:

Custom site: If you can add scripts (SQL) as per this documentation:  then it should work. Of course, it may also be possible to contact our scripting department who could write an integration for you (if necessary).

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Hi there, I'm talking about the web application, not the desktop application. Is this the right support forum for this?

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The problem is that does not yet have a module that would allow you to integrate Generic Websites such as OpenCart, thus Andrii brought up the documentation for Linnworks Desktop as that is currently the only possibility of integrating OpenCart.

Once you integrate OpenCart you can still manage all your orders and Inventory in, the integration will be visible in .net as well. Its just that the integration process itself takes place in Linnworks Desktop.

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Ok thank you

What shopping cart solutions are supported directly in .net (without installing the desktop version)? Will Opencart be ported over to .net in future?


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Please see the full list of currently integrated channels on here. We will try to transfer all of the currently integrated channels in the desktop over to the Net version, but there is no specific date for that I can see at this point. 

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Is it possible with WooCommerce for example to bulk upload the inventory in LW onto the platform, or will it need to be uploaded to WooCommerce first, and then mapped into LW?


If talking about a possibility to create listings on WooCommerce, then I am afraid it is not possible.

So, the items would first need to be created on the channel and then mapped to LW SKUs.

If you wish to map your existing listings on WooCommerce to your Linnworks SKU, you will need to use Inventory Mapping screen. It will also allow you to create SKUs in Linnworks out of the items on the channel by clicking Create:

Hope this answers your question.

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Ilja Lissov

Technical Support Service

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