Working with 3PL and Courier Integration

Hi All,

Looking for a bit advice!  I've got a bit of understanding of Linnworks from a previous job but now setting it up for myself and using a different setup from what I'm used to so I just need an idea of the workflow...

I'm using Yodel as my courier and will use the direct integration for it.  I am using a 3PL warehouse to store and ship my goods, I want to send it my order data and them ship my goods.

I was looking at the CSV export in the Fulfilment Centre settings and everything looks good but I can't find a column for tracking number (which I assume I need to supply to the warehouse).


* Am I right in thinking that Linnworks automatically generates the tracking number when the order is in open orders or do I need to make an action first?

* The correct workflow would be me generating the tracking number and sending this along with the rest of the label data to the warehouse?

* In the case of the above do I need to schedule an open orders export rather than a fulfilment centre open orders export?

Hope that makes sense!

Thanks, Dave

I was confused!

Tracking number is generated at my FC and returned back like the FC import/export expects

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