Getting extended properties from inventory to appear in amazon configurator


How do I get the extended properties form inventory to appear in a configurator i.e. Amazon Configurator?

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Extended properties, if correctly saved on your items, will appear automatically in any tab where there is an option to select an extended property value. The values have to be added into the item Extended property section, they can be of different types. Attribute values will be picked up in the attributes field of a template and specifications in the specifications. 

In an Amazon configurator, the extended properties are used to add values to your mandatory and secondary attributes. When double clicking in the extended property column next to an attribute, it will give you an option to select an entry. That entry will be the name of your extended property. After you create a template for an item with that configurator, the extended property specific item value will be picked up and applied. I have attached two screenshots below to show this.

Please have a look at the following documentation pages at your conveninece: - for linnworks desktop / linnlive -

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