An easy way to update prices to add VAT onto retail prices etc.

Hi there,

I did ask this a few years back at one of the academy's but think its worth asking again as its most probably the only headache and major pain in the arse i get each day using linnworks.

We list all our products Excluding VAT so for Ebay, Amazon Flubit etc we need to add on a certain percentage to cover the VAT but for Magento it gets listed excluding vat and vat is added on that channel.

It would be great to automatically add a given percentage in channel settings for prices so for example Ebay Retail Price is RRP base Plus 20% (or for amazon 25% etc ) then when we change the retail price - ebay prices and amazon prices automatically change depending on this extra percentage rule we have set up - 

I understand this is not for everyone but for us my god it would save days if not weeks of hassle as our suppliers constantly change prices - 

we used to use (and still do sometimes) Linnlive update pricing to do this in bulk but this feature is not available as yet in .net but is still a backwards way of doing something so simple.

I am sure most of Linnworks Customers list all their stock with Exc Vat pricing so this would be a real bonus to most.


Hi Gareth,

When listing through Linnworks each channel (Source / SubSource) can have it's own individual price saved on the Inventory item in the Listing Descriptions tab. So with this you can easily achieve what you need through the expressions when importing the channel specific prices into Linnworks.


For example you have an import file with the following columns (SKU, Retail Price) and on the import you can map the Retail Price multiple times using an Expression mapped to the column "Price by Channel". The expression can then use your own formula to calculate the required listing price based on your own requirements. This approach gives yo complete control over the values that are used to list with and if you want to always use a standard formula to calculate the listing price it is set up on the import.


Further more, for the channels that support price change the new prices will be automatically added to the queue and pushed to the channel.


Some useful documentation links for you


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the info and yes I already do this for larger amounts of products but the problems come when staff need to change one or a couple of product prices at a time (ones who dont even know what a CSV file is) would be so much easier if you had the option to automatically add a percentage to each channel price just by changing the RRP price on the main product info screen.

We have seen the need for this even more in the last couple of months since Brexit as the EUR GBP and USD prices change so much and our suppliers keep on increasing prices each week. Before prices used to change once a year - now they can change weekly if not daily so a more streamlined easier way of doing channel pricing adjustment would be a real big bonus.

Ill keep on hoping but will battle on the slow way around of doing things.

Also on another note I notice the Ebay listings 'Not Listed With Linnworks' pricing has not been working recently is there an update on this?


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