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Rather than the requirement to manually revise prices when changed in inventory for Bigcommerce, it would be a very welcome addition if it was possible to have the changed prices updated automatically when changed in the inventory, just as it is for eBay and Amazon.

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We'd like this too. It seems silly to have to select all items in our inventory and press "revise, update prices" when they have been already been changed in linnworks inventory.

Yes, the documentation was not clear that prices would not be updated, so we had been updating prices in Linnworks thinking that both eBay and our web site were being updated, only to find months later our web site prices had not changed. We really need this to work. This is why we went to the trouble to setup products in Linnworks so that they can be managed centrally, and why we switched our web site to Bigcommerce to use this feature.

This feature is now available in the latest version of the integration by installing the Linnworks app from the Bigcommerce app store and connecting Linnworks to Bigcommerce. Once installed, the setting can be found under Bigcommerce channel details within Linnworks.

Wow thanks, bit strange Linnworks support told me less than 24 hours ago that it wasn't possible, but oh well, thanks again!

Likewise I was recently told this is not available and no ETA available, so surprised to see this now released and unannounced. How does this work where we already have a BigCommerce channel setup in Linnworks and processing orders? We can’t just delete and recreate the channel in Linnworks to complete the app install. So there must surely be a way to install the app and connect it to an existing channel in Linnworks?

@nick I just added the linnworks app on the bigcommerce store, it then adds it as though you are integrating for the first time, but it says if you are updating an existing integration then to just leave the name to be the same as the current one. I did that and it just kind of "updated" our existing integration and updated our prices :)

Hi, I've downloaded the app and selected price updates in channel settings. I've imported new prices by channel (Bigcommerce) but the prices have not updated on my website. I've checked the listing description for each SKU in my Inventory and the new price has imported, but it has a stop sign icon next to the BC price? The eBay price has a tick. What do I have to do to make the prices update?

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