Allow Fruugo categories to be mapped/pulled from an extended property


We've recently begun integrating Fruugo and noticed the integration/data feed can only draw its product leaf categories from the category field within Linnworks inventory.

This means we have to decide whether to keep our category system as is, and rely on manual work from Fruugo (estimated 5 working day turnaround time) or change our entire category set-up to match Fruugo to get things working faster. 

If we could map Fruugo categories to an extended property and have the data feed draw it from there it would be far more ideal. 

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With Fruugo we have a bespoke listing tool that is designed specifically for Fruugo is currently only supported for Linnworks desktop.

As part of our plans for this year we are working on internal Generic listing functionality that will allow our developers to plug in support for listing on more channels than we currently work with.

Therefore enhancements such as this to the older style of listing functionality are generally not being undertaken so that we can focus on bringing you features that will be a benefit to more than just one channel in the long run.

I will chat with the development team to let them know of this issue, so that it is taken into consideration during the development process

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

We've just come across the same problem.  We use the Linnworks inventory categories to determine certain information displayed in some of our invoice templates so we can't easily change them to match Fruugos categories.

Fruugo have rejected our product submission due to the incorrect categories.  I will ask them if they can amend them manually as mentioned by Kevin above, however having an extended property for Fruugo categories would certainly help. 

Unfortunately Fruugo won't change the categories manually for us so we are unable to use that platform until a new solution is released.

We hit a similar snag, we could change our categories over which we use ourselves for picking products, there is the means to replace it by using your rules engine to replicate the set-up with folders but for us it didn't quite sort orders the same way. It was very close, but there were some small differences which we weren't able to pinpoint the reason behind as of yet.

Even if we weren't using the category set-up for picking categories, Fruugo's categories are still miles away from what we categorise products as, and we're somewhat reluctant to commit fully to Fruugo's category system for ourselves because of other sites we're looking at potentially sharing the same functionality. 


Can someone form Linnworks please give us an update on this. 10 moths ago you were working on a solution.


I was just about to raise a feature request for the same thing when this thread was suggested to me.

As we have to adhere to the predefined Fruugo categories, and have our Linnworks inventory categorized in line with Fruugo, this produces errors for us in reporting by category etc.

The Fruugo categories are more specific and not in line with how we would categorize our inventory normally. A feature release where Fruugo categories could be determined by extended property would be great.

Has there been any movement or plans to develop this further?

Kind regards



an update was made to the system last week to support extended property category mapping for Fruugo

If you add the extended property "Fruugo_category" to your stock items the Fruugo listing tool will retrieve this value instead of the Linnworks category

The property is not case sensitive, so"fruugo_category" would also work.

If no property exists the listing tool will fall back to the Linnworks category.

The Tech Comms team just haven't had an opportunity to announce this yet.

Attached is a zip file with the categories that Fruugo accept



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