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The purchase order needs to have a column to show whats due in

if 100 is ordered and 0 have been delivered, i want to see that we are expecting 100

or if 100 ordered, and 76 delivered, i want it to show 24 are expected basically

Please action this?



could you provide some further clarification please so that we can confirm the exact nature of this request.

The grid on the Purchase Order template contains the following columns relating to quantity for selection to be included on the paperwork that is produced when printing a Purchase Order.

  • Quantity - the number of items that are ordered on the Purchase order to be delivered
  • SupplierPackSize - when an item is supplied in packs, this is the quantity contained within each pack
  • PackQuantity - when an item is supplied in packs, this is the number of packs that have been ordered to be delivered

These are generally used when printing a PO to have new stock ordered to your warehouse.
From you are describing you looking at printing paperwork after some items have been delivered and you still have outstanding items to arrive.
If this is the case what you are trying to achieve is possible via a Custom Column and using a formula
  • Edit your Purchase Order template
  • Add a Custom column
  • Use this formula EVAL{BEGIN}[{Quantity}]-[{Delivered}]{END}
If you name this column Due, then on your printed paperwork the calculated value will be produced.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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