Composite bin rack locations on pick lists

Composite child products are the 'true' products in our warehouse which we want to pick. We would like to include a column for Bin Rack for the composites on pick lists so that we could use this column to sort the pick lists and pick these items from our warehouse.

Currently it is not possible to add a column to pick lists for the Bin Rack of composite child products. It is only possible to include a column for Bin Rack which is the Bin Rack of the product purchased by the customer. If we include a column for composites this contains all of the info for the composites ie SKU, Title and Bin Rack and it is not possible to use this column to sort by Bin Rack.

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I think a fix around this is actually entering the two pick bins for the composite parent. For example "A5-1 + B2-4".

But I think there should be an implementation, where the bin racks are automatically combined into one line, however this may cause space issues on invoices or pick lists ;/

This is exactly what we need also - did something happen to facilitate this?

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