Add a Discount Field for Purchase Orders

We have a number of suppliers who give us different discounts depending on how much we spend. They take the discount off the order total so when we enter stock using the purchase order screren we have to go through each item and manually discount it as we enter it into the purchase order.

This takes quite a bit of time and could be automated by the simple addition of a discount field in the purchase order screen.

Please consider adding this field to purchase orders as it would save us a lot of time. We can't be the only company accessing discounts from our suppliers and therefore I propose that this feature would be useful to many.

Thanks for reading...

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I agree, we also have a number of suppliers who offer a discount after the items have been ordered. 

Where the new purchase order screen allows you to add additional custom charges (such as extra shipping charges etc) it would be good to be able to add a discount value (or even a negative value in the additional charge field)

This would speed up purchase orders.

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