Woocommerce integration throws error: "Error: Missing Parameter Data"


While trying to integrate woocommerce


WooCommerce version : 2.6.12

Wordpress version:4.7.1


I get the error. "Error: Missing Parameter Data"

Screenshot of the error is at http://prntscr.com/dxemlu

Is there something wrong with linnworks. My wordpress is a fresh installation with no plugins what so ever.

Hello Sanyam,

 Thank you for your question. It seems that you have exceeded the 3 channel integration limit that community plan has so even if all the details are correct then the integration would still fail. In order to integrate additional Woocommerce channel then you would need to reduce the amount of integrated channels to 2 and then integrate the Woocommerce channel that you are trying to add at the moment.

 Alternatively, you could upgrade your plan o that you would have unlimited channel integration and SKUs. After you have either reduced the number of channels or upgraded the plan then you will be able to integrate the channel (following this guide) without any issues.

 If after that you should still run into any errors then please let us know and we will find a solution for you.

With Best Regards,

Linnworks Technical Support

I have the same issue too.

Hi Rimo,

All the redundant channels have been removed now. Please investigate the issue.



Hello Vidushi and Sanyam,

 I have created tickets for both of you so that you would be able to share sensitive data that is required for the investigation. Please respond to me within the ticket.

With Best Regards,


Linnworks Technical Support

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