Royal Mail OBA Integration - Filling Manifest - End of day

Today I set my Royal Mail OBA file manifest going at around ~16:20, thinking there would be plenty of time before I have to set off to the post office (it's 5 mins away) for the last collection just after 17:00 . It's now about an hour after I started the filing process, post missed.

I've found that trying to file a manifest at anytime after 16:30 takes significantly longer than any other time in the day. As everyone is filing their manifests too.... Linnworks must understand this? Why isn't extra processing power being diverted to the filing process at peak times to speed this up??

I'm frustrated... at 16:30 I can check the OBA website and start creating a manual order with no problem at all. But instead:

- I've already pressed File Manifest - can't start a manual OBA order or i'll be double charged

- Got stuck at 'Requested'

- Waited far too long - 1 hour now, I'll update when it finally completes.

- Decided to find out if something is wrong on live chat at 16.57, told approximate wait time is 1min, got answered at 17.05

- Been told "PLease allow it some more time as in the evening in can get very busy with Royal Mail and filing takes longer"

- I've now missed the post for the day.

And I've paid an annual subscription to Linnworks for this, fantastic!

This is the first time I've missed the post because of this, it's certainly not the first time I've been waiting for significant periods of time for OBA manifests to file.

Anyone got any similar experiences?

It is much improved, it takes less then 2 minutes Now even if you file it after 16:50.

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