Shipstation Issues and Ongoing Problems

We are at our wits end here and wondering if we should just look for a platform as our continued experience with Linnworks support has been abysmal. 

Nearly a month ago, we reported an issue with ShipStation integration not syncing. After a lot of terrible back and forth correspondence w support, who kept blaming Shipstation, we were only able to get to a partial resolution when we contacted sales, via live chat, and pushed the issue.

Support has a bad habit of telling you things like "it returned the error bad response" well gee, thanks, I didn't write the software, so what am I to do with that, just fix it.

Now, we are another two weeks out from that and support still isn't fixing the issue. They just keep telling us whether or not they see the orders syncing, which - we can see also - not fixing the reason they AREN'T syncing. Then when asking which orders are the problem, we tell them only for them to repeat the issue (telling us that they aren't synced, WE KNOW THAT). I'm not sure what to do here. This is such a business critical function to us and we sit here with issues outstanding for weeks on end, not only that, but the sheer frustration of dealing with the support staff is maddening.

Is there any hope?

Hi Miracle, 

Please see the ticket you are referring to, there is an answer that is very likely to resolve your query. We do need a bit of your help so please read our questions carefully and answer accordingly. Your cooperative and constructive approach are much appreciated as well as critical in tackling the issue at hand.  

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience

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