Monday 16 Jan - clarification sought about the changes happening....

 I'd like to know the state of affairs come Monday 19 Jan.

I have more than 50 products....obviously come Monday, I have three options...

1. Pay Linnworks the revised fee,

2. Leave Linnworks altogether

3. Reduce my product count to 50 products (where I believe you're continuing to offer a free service), if I do nothing (leave at 50+ products), then on Monday, Linnworks will presumably stop working & I'll receive errors &/or warnings .....but what happens if I then subsequently choose option 3?

 Will Linnworks automatically start working after the rules kick in on Monday if I choose I trim my product range down? (or will my account be locked and need some form of resetting? If so, would it be better to trim the product count down On Sunday? If so, at what time does the new rules kick in at Linnworks end  (in other words, can I let it run as 23.59hrs on Sunday 15 Jan?!)

Hi Rob, 

I hope that you are well today. One of my colleagues showed me this post and I thought that I would look to offer you some clarification. 

On Monday 16th at some time in the morning, you will receive a pop-up notification in Linnworks prompting you to subscribe to one of our paid plans. 

  • Should you opt for a paid plan, you will receive access to Linnworks instantly and if applicable, we will calculate any credit/ pro-rata owed. We will use the cost of your new plan to calculate it's daily rate, and then calculate how many days of system use are owed to you and extend your next billing date. You will have access to all of our support options 24/7 and will have no SKU or channel limitations on your account. 

  • If you decide that our limited Community version is more appropriate for your business needs, you will need to cancel your current account (if you are on a paid plan) with our cancellations department and create a new Community account. Unfortunately we do not migrate customers from paid plans to Community. 

  • If you are an existing Express Customer, you will be able to reduce your SKU count to < 50 and your channel integrations to no more than 3. You will be migrated across to Community and you will be able to carry on using the system for your business purposes. 

You seem to be leaning more towards downsizing from the way that you have pitched your query. If you do move forward with this option, I would recommend trimming your database down on Sunday to avoid any potential disruption to your business on the Monday. 

We will be moving forward with the migration, most likely at 09:00 on Monday 16th. 

Best Regards, 


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