Woocommerce shipping setup?

I have been having problems with my test orders not allocating to the mapped service and just going to default.

I was told by support that I can only use the original services in the Woo API as I was using table rate to calculate shipping.

Has anyone else used table rate or similar?

My shipping options are easy, free shipping and 1st class.  My issue is, I can't send my items offshore so I exclude those postcodes but I can't see a way to do this at the moment.

Any advice appreciated.

Support found out the problem with my shipping not being allocated correctly so I will explain it here for the benefit of others.

Because I had added a few shipping methods, in woocommerce the standard shipping tag for example flat_rate is extended to flat_rate:1 or free_shipping if is changed to free_shipping:3 if you have added a few methods during testing.

My channel integration channel tags were therefore incorrect as they were just flat_rate and free_shipping.  Support explained that the actual shipping tag can be seen by viewing order xml in .net or desktop - I had never used this before.  Go down to ShippingLine and view the MethodId and MethodTitle then copy these to the channel shipping mapping.

I created a few test orders with the various shipping methods to find the correct shipping ID.  They are probably in the sql database in woocommerce but I don't know where to look.

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