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Item Title Limit

There seems to be a limit on how long a title can be. This is a problem because my items have very long titles and get cut off half way on our invoices. 

Is a limit necessary? could a limit be optional? 

Hello there,

The item title limit for your stock items in Linnworks is 1000 characters. I believe that should be enough even if your items have long titles. Could you please clarify if you are being limited on the Template for a listing perhaps? Or the limit comes up in Inventory?

Yes 1000 characters is more than enough. The limit shows in inventor, invoice and pick list

attached are images showing this issue

The listing was made in Ebay.

you can change the titles in linnworks to be shorter. they do not need to match your amazon or ebay long winded titles. the linnworks item will still be linked to your amazon or ebay listing when you change the title


how did you create the inventory item in the first place to have it saved in the system with the truncated title?

As confirmed the limit on Title length is 1000 characters so easily providing you with enough.

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