Updating new specifics in Amazon



we are selling on Amazon and we have noticed, that Amazon are continually updating their system the consequence of which is a continual need of listings info update made by the sellers. We are selling over 6000 items on Amazon, and a listing update means for us going into 6000 listings and update them, which is a very long job.... unfortunately this job needs to be done manually, b/c new data needs to be put in.

Would you pls let us know how other sellers handle this "continual-update" problem?

Are they all busy updating their listings as we are? Or is there some shortcut, which we are not aware of?

thanks for letting me know



Do you not use configurator templates? Thats how we bulk update; one button on the configurator screen (revise selected) select the tick boxes you need and away it goes.
Hope this helps.


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