Accurate stock item history limitation - Support Negative stock Quantities


I have 1 X skuABC in an open PO. i.e. im waiting on stock

My current stock level for skuABC is 0.

I have 1 open order for 1 X skuABC .

My stock of skuABC arrives form the supplier.

1) I process the order.

2) I set PO to delivered

My stock will be 1 (incorrect) it should be 0.

The problem occurs because the order was processed before the po was set to delivered.(1& 2 above)

In this simple scanario it seems like a no brainer - just set the PO to delivered before processing the orders.....

However in a live environment where theres 10 people involved in the process and 50 skus with 1000 units each and 500 open orders for those skus then it's not as clear cut.

The software could easily account for this and not require the buttons to be clicked in a percise sequence.


It's not about overselling...

Amazon supports pre orders so this situation occurs frequently.

hi Kevin,

the theory is quite possible, however if the concept of negative stock is supported then the system would then be encouraging users to mark orders as despatched before the stock has arrived. Obviously it is not physically possible to despatch an order before the stock has arrived in your warehouse which. This is a dangerous road to go down as it means that sales channels will be updated to say the order has been despatched to the buyer before stock has even arrived let alone actually picked and despatched.

When you say Amazon supports pre-orders, surely they do not actively encourage you to mark the order as despatched early.

You can use the Stock In Screen to Mark PO's as delivered and also despatch orders for the items at the same time, so this may be the solution that you need to use.


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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