Logging into Linnworks.net....Loading....screen

Hi, ever since we started using Linnworks.net, pretty much every time I log in I get the 'Loading' overlay where I can see that I am logged in behind this but the 'Loading' overlay does not disappear so I cannot access any part of the account. I then have fun and games trying to use a different browser which may or may not exhibit the same issue until 'something' finally works and it lets me in properly. This is usually on the fourth/fifth attempt after using 2 browsers to alternately attempt to login.

Anyone else have this? I can't think what might cause this other than maybe antivirus but that shows no log of blocking anything Linnworks related. 


Hello Andy, Have you tried clearing your browsers cache? 

Not yet although it does this across three different browsers.

Can you try clearing the cache for your main browser, and let me know if the issue continues?

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