Please allow creating a product directly through linnworks on Shopify. You have created a configurator for bigcommerce but forget shopify , Shopify has the largest share among all stores and i failed to see why this has not been in your priority list 

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Hi Makbul,

We have Shopify listing tool in our pipeline. It is too early to provide any ETA right now but as soon as a beta version is ready, we will be calling for the beta testers so you should see an email from us in your mailbox some time next year.

Agree, creating Shopify listings from Linnworks should be a priority. Keen to Beta test

As would I.

Hello guys,


Thanks for your input. Shopify listing tool development is still in progress. Stay tuned!

Would also be very keen to get involved in beta testing this!

This sounds very interesting!

I'm looking for an alternative to my Magento stores, that's when I noticed that out of all the Linnworks integrations there are only four that can list products? Amazon, Ebay, Magento and Bigcommerce.

I signed up for linnworks as I wanted a centralised inventory to prevent duplicate product creation across platforms (channels). Quite a shock when I found out that most integrations do not support this feature?

In short, I would love to see a FULL integration between Shopify and Linnworks as well as many more!

I would be interested in signing up for a beta on this. We are looking to move to Shopify and this would allow us to start with Linnworks integration from the ground up. 

Us to

We could use this too.

We could as well.

Is there any time yet on this one, we would also like it....

Please be kind enough to advise status of this tool.

Hi Jack,

the Shopify listing tool is currently in a Closed Beta phase whilst we test the functionality with a small set of clients to ensure the base stability of the new features before opening up the Beta phase to all users of Linnworks. Once we are at this stage a public announcement will be made.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

This would be a great feature for Linnworks. It would save a huge amount of time and effort for Shopify / Linnworks users.

Would be very interested in doing some beta testing.


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